January 26, 2018


Check out how day one shook out for the teams competing in the first stop for the 2018 Bassmaster Carhartt Central Tour.


The Bassmaster Central College event on Toledo Bend saw many of the top college teams in the country make the trip to Texas to kick off their seasons. After being cooped up all winter, each team was chomping at the bit to get out of the water and compete. That “What if” time spent pondering what is in the realm of possibility isn’t confined to the anglers. Omega and other tackle companies go through the same thought process. The “What If” game can be rough on the space between the ears especially if you do not make a conscious effort to bind that anticipation with a realistic set of goals. For us at Omega it simple. Make the best products, Surround ourselves with the best people and support our anglers to the best of our ability. At the end of the day, it’s still a question of “What If”. For some, the anticipation has been replaced with a feeling of satisfaction…some are right where they want to be while others fell way short. The good news everyone that went out, came back safe. Tomorrow is a new day…Tonight will be filled with the more anticipation. Some want to repeat but everyone has their wheels turning to figure out how to improve on their day one weights.  For the Texas State, it might be a small tweak or fishing a little cleaner. For the rest of the teams it might be scrapping everything a coming up with a new game plan. Whichever category these guys fall into we are proud to have them on team Omega and wish them all the best of luck!!


Day 1 Results: 

Evan Coleman and his Partner Josh Soroka from Texas State University lead the Team Omega charge finishing day one in 16th place.  A strong start and well within striking distance of the lead!!

 Ethan Stokes and his partner Will Lancett from Arkansas Tech University ended up in 130th place.  

 Nick Moore/Jacob Harris from Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) and The Team from Greenville College, Chance Scott and his partner Chris Brooks are tied for 180th after the first day of completion.

 For the teams from Arkansas State, SEMO and Greenville College this is not the start they spent the winter anticipating. We know all the guys on our staff pretty well, and I know how disappointed they are but they are all competitors. These people are all fierce competitors and they all have their eye on the big prize….The Bassmaster College National Championship.   This is Toledo Bend….there are giant fish and a few good bites can turn your tournament around quickly.  As hard as the guys worked yesterday we expect all of them to turn I lose and go at it hard on day two!! 

 As for the Evan and Josh, they have to be feeling pretty good about day one. They are in striking distance of the leaders. Day two of these big events really start to shape the field. Some of the leaders will fall short of their day one weights. Some the guys in the middle of the pack will crush’em and bring in giant bags to jump way up the leaderboard. Tune is to the live weigh-in at  see where all the guys finish up Day two.

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