Omega AmBASSador David Wall knocks down his personal best!!

May 22, 2017

Omega AmBASSador David Wall knocks down his personal best!!

Saturday May 20, was supposed to be stormy weather, a pretty normal day for any West Tn Bass Yakers Tournament. But as trail stop number four kicked off at Browns Creek Lake the skies were clear and a bright sun quickly rose to heat the day. The entire lake has always had a bank that is covered in brush and usually that is where the fish are located using them
For coming cover. But with all the rain the water was up into the brush and I knew it was going to be a challenge to get them out. After fishing from 5-10 pitching up into the brush and hooking some small fish and loosing a few good ones trying to wrestle them out I became weary of going that route and decided to change tactics.i first made a move to some timber and quickly hooked a good fish on my Omega pitching jig but she was able to get me down into the timber and break me off. I try to keep a positive attitude while on the water so instead of getting down with no fish on the board by 10:30 I decided again to change. I made the trek across the lake to the levee where there is a rocky bottom and I had caught fish before. The water was mid 80's and dingy. By this time in the morning the winds had started to pick up and I knew of a area on the levee that went from 10-12 ft quickly to 3'. I went there knowing the wind was blowing right into it, first pitch had a bite but missed the hook set. But I knew fish were there feeding. I retied my Omega jig and made another cast and started dragging it up when I landed my first measurable fish for the day, a 17" fish and I was on the board. After getting my CPR pictures i released her back into the water and again retied my jig. The very next cast back to the bottom of the drop off was met with and explosive strike and almost set the hook for me, and the fight was on. She buried herself towards deep water and my Manley Rods Black Ops rod was bent, such a beautiful sight! Reel was screaming from the drag and I was up for it. After working her to the surface on four occasions and grabbing my net she would get another run and dive back to the depths. Finally wore her down and netted my new personal best bass at 9.73 pounds beating my previous 9lb pb. The fish was good enough to win the Big Bass money for the tournament, but unfortunately I wasn't able to complete my limit which allowed the overall win to slip out of my hands. That's the way the days go sometime, feast or famine, but I am just glad that God blessed me with the chance to land this fish and that it was released back to be caught again later.
Water clarity:dingy
Surface temp: 82
Weather: started clear and calm changing to overcast and windy 15-20mph
Tackle used: Manley Rods Black Ops MH
Seagar 17lb invisix Florcarbon
Omega 3/8oz Righteous blk/blue Chart pitching jig
Zoom speed craw trailer

Thanks Omega Custom Tackle for a great fish catching jig!
David Wall

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