Genesis Ti


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Genesis Ti

Continuing with the tradition of producing high quality tackle that meet the needs of anglers at all levels, Omega Custom Tackle is introducing the all new Genesis Ti Spinnerbait.

 The Genesis Ti is loaded with features that make it a must have for fisherman at all levels. At its core, is the super strong, flexible and “fast” tune-able titanium wire. The tunable titanium wire was specifically design for the spinnerbait applications and is light years ahead of all other wires on the market.  This the key enabler that allows for maximum action and flexibility yet maintains it shape and most importantly its durability.

 The unique head shape and design has been in the works for over a year. The beauty of the design is behind the head. The concave back allows the skirt to flow from inside the head giving it a natural flare. The dual skirt retention bands allow you to run your favorite skirt and/or and a magnum trailer. The shank is tipped with a double bait keeper to ensure your trailers stay put. No super glue required!!

 The features don’t stop there. The blade arm features high quality blades and the SAMPO made in the USA swivel to maximize blade action at low speeds. The bottom blade is attached to the wire using a quick-change clevis. This allows maximum flexibility when choosing blades combinations and can be easily changed on the water. The Genesis Ti features a 5/0 ultra-sharp Mustad hook that won’t let you down.  Skirt colors will cover the full gamut of primary Bass forage for all water conditions.

 As with all Omega baits the Genesis Ti Spinnerbait will offer a wide range of Skirt and blade combinations to allow the angler to match the bass forage under any conditions. We will also continue to collaborate with custom bait painter Trey Harpel for Special Edition colors made popular by the Rapture for the Genesis Ti.