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Meet the Omega Custom Tackle Team




From: Bartletsville, Oklahoma

Years with Omega: 2

Years on tour: 3

Significant Wins: When I won Grand Challenge In 2001 “568 boats” I knew it could be possible but I didn’t have the financial backing. 

In 2012 I won ABA AOY and took second at the National Championship so I decided to go for it. Qualified the first year I fished Costa by finishing 3rd in the  AOY standings.

Favorite Omega Bait: 1/2oz Football Jig and 3/8oz Rapture Vibrating jig

INSIGHTS: The main thing I look forward to in a day of fishing is to go out and have a fun productive day. In the thirty + years I have been fishing I have made a lot of friends and I plan on making a lot more throughout my journey. My goal has always been to take my tournament fishing to the next level.

 Alot of people ask me why i like to fish so much, the answer to that is very simple. I love being in the outdoors and the challenge of being able to figure out what those little green fish are doing, sometimes they get the best of me, but thats what it's all about. 

Every since i can remember I've had a fishing pole in my hand, It's one of the fondest memories i have of both my mom 'Janeo' and my Grandfather 'Grampy'! 

I am very fortunate to have a supportive wife and daughter that allows me to be part of what i love to do. I am also very competitive, every tournament i fish is approached with the "nobody remembers second" attitude. It doesn't always work out, but again that's what it's all about!


TYLER CHRISTY, McKendree University

From: Bolingbrook, IL

Years with Omega:1

Significant Wins: Winning the FLW TBF Lake Hartwell Challenge in February of 2017. It was my first time on Hartwell and I knew I could catch a limit of Spotted Bass, but I also knew that everyone else could too. So, I decided to find the Pre Spawn Largemouth in the back of the creeks. I did just that, winning the event with 18.01 beating 2 place by over 5 pounds and also Big Bass (5.02).

In 2018, I won the Illinois BASS Nation High School State Championship on Lake Springfield which hosted a qualified field from the entire state. I stuck to a finesse presentation all day, hardly putting my Shakey Head down. It turned out to be the correct decision as I weighed in 14.88 and punched a ticket to the BASS HS National Championship.

2x BASS and National Championship Qualifier.

2x FLW National Championship Qualifier.

Favorite Omega Bait:1/4oz Shakey Foot and 3/8oz Pro Mega Structure

INSIGHTS: I am always looking to spend time on the water trying to learn. Whether it is in the boat or fishing a pond, there is no substitute for a rod in your hand and trying new things. I feel like you can always take something away from a day on the water whether you caught fish or not. What I enjoy the most is the hunt, breaking down new water or fishing in tough conditions.

Fishing the High School National level for the past 3 years and now in my first year at the Colligate level for McKendree University, I tend to get a lot of questions from kids just starting out. The best advice I can give a High School angler who wants to take this sport to the next level is fish, a lot! Don’t limit yourself to local water. If you can get out of state and experience big bodies of water, do it! The challenges of fishing outside your comfort zone will teach you what you need to be a competitive college angler. In addition, fish with as many different people as you can. Very few people fish the exact same way and you can learn a lot from watching somebody else