Omega Team - Ethan Stokes




 From: Lee Summit, MO

Lives in: Russellville, AR

Years with Omega: 2016 - present (3)

Significant Wins: My first college win at Bull Shoals in an Arkansas Collegiate Series tournament is defiantly one of those tournaments that I will never forget.

Favorite Omega Bait:5/8 oz Pro-mega Structure Jig in either Bama or Green Pumpkin Orange And 3/8 oz white Rapture. I am confident I can take these baits to any lake and get bites due to their versatility.

Insight: Two things I have been taught from tournament fishing are: you are fishing against the fish not anybody else, so worrying about what other competitors does no good, and that you can always learn something from every day on the water if you keep and open mind.

Never be discouraged by poor pre-fishing before a tournament. Some of my best finishes have come in tournaments where I didn't even catch a keeper in practice. My primary goal in practice is to locate where the fish are in relation to their seasonal movements, not necessarily to catch them (although that is a nice bonus). Even when you are not catching fish you are eliminating water and making a large body of water as the potential bass locations are narrowed down more and more each day of practice.

Confidence is key! Having confidence that you will be able catch the fish when you get in the right area is crucial. By selecting baits, techniques, and boat position that enable you to most effectively present your bait to where you believe the fish are will lead to more success and confidence. Being out in nature while enjoying the relaxation and challenge associated with fishing has kept me hooked since the first time my dad and grandpa took me as a child. I have since decided to pursue a career in Fisheries Biology as a result and aim to preserve and improve our fisheries resources so that future generations can experience the same feelings me and many others have shared in the great outdoors.

FACEBOOK: Ethan Stokes

INSTAGRAM: @stokesethan

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