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From: Coweta, Oklahoma

 Years with Omega: 10

About: I grew up and still live in Coweta to this day where I met my wife Calen and we raise our 4 kids (Tyler, Kole and our Twins Chase and Lakely). Coweta is 15-20 minutes west of Ft. Gibson Lake. That’s where I cut my teeth learning how to fish along with a few other lakes in N.E. Oklahoma. As far back as I can remember fishing has always been part of my life. My Dad fished the old Redman Tournament Trail and being around that that also fueled my fire to want to fish Tournaments and just be involved with bass fishing. Now that I have children of my own, I try and teach them what I know and my passion of the sport.

Significant Wins: In 2013 I won the Oakley Big Tournament on Ft. Gibson Lake. I won a 2013 Nitro Z8

In 2008 my Brother and I won Anglers of the Year in a local Tournament Trail Called Lake Country Anglers at that time averaged 60-75 boats.

In 2013 my partner and I won The Lake Country Anglers Championship, along with a 2nd place finish in 2010 Lake Country Championship. We also finished 2nd in the AOY standings in 2013. To add a 3rd and 4th place finish in the AOY standing in a 5 year span, adding eight or more  1st place wins in this trail along with multiple top 5 finishes.

In 2009 I placed 10th at the 2 day Championship in the A.B.A Bassmaster Weekend Series and finished 8th over-all in the AOY points and qualified for Regionals.

In early 2008  I got the call where I got my first ever Sponsorship with Omega Custom Tackle. I had been fishing Omega jigs a little over a year before I got this call. After that call, my confidence went through the roof! To be part of a company that you believe in and then they want to back you at the same time. It’s a great feeling!

Favorite Omega Bait: That’s easy, I love them all! Its hard to single one out. Each Omega jig design has things different that I use for my style of fishing. Then you add to all the new baits that came out since Brad and Michele has taken over Omega. I have so much confidence Omega Custom Tackle on each rod I’ll have rigged up has a Omega bait tied on. From the Signature Football, Pro-Mega Structure Jig, Flipping Jig, The Righteous Jig and one that’s ranks high on my list. The Omega finesse Jig. Then you add The Genesis Ti Spinnerbait and The Rapture Vibrating Jig. I’ll have a rod paired up with each one of these baits.  Its truly hard to pick one! If anything I’ll pick a color or two. I’d take Watermelon Red Skirt, Camo Craw and TW Craw skirt on any of the jigs head anywhere in the Country and know I can put fish in the boat.


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