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Trey Harpel

FROM: Saint Charles, MO


Significant wins: 2013 IFBBA Champion on Lake Bob Sandlin, TX with My Partner and Omega staff Member, DeMon Givens.. We ended up winning a New Nitro Z8.. First time on the lake as we managed to hold off the field for 2 days shallow cranking one of my custom paints.

IFBBA Champions on Lake Stockton again with my Partner DeMon winning 7K

We fished both days using the omega 1/2 Flip in inferno craw and cali420 trailer..

Multiple IFFBA 1st place finishes

Also Multiple Fish the Nation wins up in Wisconsin.

Favorite Omega Bait: 1/2 Flip Or the Rapture (click to view)

INSIGHTS: I worked for Apple for 9 years and I was told by my supporting wife, Emily to make the jump running my business full time as that took me 2 years or so to convince me. One of the hardest, but best decisions I have done to date.

I am also the owner of as I custom paint baits, Omegas Special Colors and Clean/tune reels.

Ive also done a lot of the proto typing for various companies along with their bait testing. Def. one of my passions is trying to make a better bait or a unique bait.

I have been in the industry since 2000 and have been around a lot of great companies.


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