Omega Titan


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The Omega Titan jig trailer is omega first venture into the soft plastics market. As with all Omega products extensive testing was conducted to ensure every attribute of the Titan was perfect. Design futures include a body perfectly shaped to drastically enhance the "skip ability" of any jig you pair with the Titan. It was vital to develop a trailer that was just a little different than what is currently available on the market. This is not a thumping trailer. Instead the full appendage flaps and waves as it moves in the water. The claws are molded at a 30 degree angle that gives the bait the perfect stance when at rest. Additionally, by minimizing the width and girth of the appendages we were able to bring the bait to life. With little to no motion the appendages continue to wave and move giving the Titan a life like appearance. We have added zero salt or any other additives. This results in an extremely a durable bait. With 8 baits in each package you'll minimize your trips to the tackle shop to restock. The Titan was designed and form fit to perfectly match up with the Omega Flipping, Football and Pro Mega Structure jigs. You'll notice the colors are perfectly matched to our existing skirt colors as well.