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We put a lot of time into researching the industry to find the best all-round tungsten weights. The market is flooded with tungsten weight manufactures. Some are good quality and some just aren't.  We found a great piece of tungsten with a good clean hosel that won't frey your line. It also has a unique finish. This is not paint...instead we use a process that puts a durable finish on the tungsten. This results in a super durable finish that won't chip.  No more half chrome/back pieces on tungsten that look like they were drug behind your car for the last month. This super durable finish will outlast painted and some other "CHIP RESISTANT" tungsten brands by a long shot. We also etch the size on each piece so you know exactly what size tungsten you are tying on.  As with all Omega Products you can expect the highest quality in this product.  Lastly, and most importantly, our prices are super competitive. 

1/8 oz 4 per Pack 
3/16 oz 4 Per Pack
1/4 oz 3 Per Pack
5/16 oz 3 Per Pack
3/8 oz 3 Per Pack 
1/2 oz 2 Per Pack