Rapture Vibrating Jig


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The Rapture Vibrating Jig is the latest offering from Omega Custom Tackle. Keeping in line with Omega’s reputation for building the highest quality baits in the industry the Rapture is packed with innovative design features that set it apart from its competitors.  Through extensive testing and evaluation the Team at Omega has developed the perfect vibrating jig. The design hinges on the Made in the USA Sampo ball bearing swivel that connects the blade to the head. This key feature has multiple attributes that trigger violent strikes and keep fish hooked up. The unique connection induces Rapture’s unique “hunting action” that fish can’t resist with a simple “stop and pop” retrieve. Once the fish is hooked, the 360-degree rotation of the swivel aid in keeping giant bass hooked up all the way to the boat.  The Rapture features a Mustad heavy wire, ultra-sharp  5/0 hook that delivers excellent hook penetration.  Omega is known for its life-like bait imitating skirts and covers the full gamut of bass forage. We have also recently added a weedless version built of the same weed guard used in our Signature Swim Jig. The fiber guard can be tailored to your preferred stiffness etc by simply trimming a few strands to "lighten" it up.