Shaky Foot Bulk


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What's better than a four pack of shaky about 25 of them. The new omega Bulk packs are a great bargain and allow you to stock up on your favorite jig heads for the entire season. The Omega "Shakey Foot" is a shaky football head jig that stands straight up."The Foot" has a razor sharp Gamakatsu hook and can be used with heavier line and bait-casting equipment. The shaky foot offers a super hard finish that stands up around rocks and derbies. Our signature red eyes are an added feature that aid in triggering giant bass to strike. Omega pro's have had great success using a 5" Yamamoto Senko on the back of "The Foot." This combination has already proven to be deadly on Bass and has several top tournament finishes to it's credit! 25pk.

25ct. bags