Spartan Swim Bait Heads


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The Spartan was spawned from the grass flats on Lake Okeechobee. Anglers were modifying our popular savior jig head to use as a swim bait head due to its unique ability to work in and around grass. 

From there we went to work on designing a new swim bait head....hence the Spartan was born. 

The Spartan features a Mustad ultra point 4/0 hook with a wire twist lock to keep your swim bait locked into place. The head design is great for running in right above the rocks as the angle on the keel of the bait introduces a "bounce" up to keep you from snagging. 

Spartan will be offered in Camo and White 5 pack in 1/8th oz., 3/16 oz. and 5/16 oz. In addition to the Spartan, we will offer a decoy head. A large wire hitch hiker style twist lock will allow you to run baits on your Alabama rig without a hook. 

The Spartan BFL A-rig pack( 1/8 oz) consists of three Spartan and two Decoy heads.  This allows you to buy 1 pack of jigs heads to outfit your A-rig for use in the BFL series tournaments or states that limit the number oh hooks you can have on your A-rig.