Special Football & ProMega Jigs


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Special Holiday Blends
1/2 oz. Football Jig & 5/8 oz. ProMega Jigs
2023 Black Friday Special - BUY 4 GET 2 FREE (Now thru Sunday)
Just in time for the holidays, we've bundled up these Special 1/2 oz. Football Jigs & 5/8 oz. ProMega Jigs for a BOGO too good to resist. Buy 4 Get 2 Free. $4.99 ea.

1/2 oz. Football Jig
After years or test and development Omega has designed the perfect football jig. The Signature Series Football jig is made using only the highest quality components including a flat eyed wide gap Gamakatsu hook that will ensure a solid hookset with holding power to get the fish in the boat. The offset in the eye allows you to cover rugged bottom and minimizes snagging. The signature skirt colors are tailored to imitate all phases of craw color changes anywhere in the country.

5/8 oz. ProMega Jig
OMEGA Custom Tackle teamed up with tournament veteran and deep water specialist, Roger Fitzpatrick, to design the Omega Pro-Mega Structure Fishing Jig. This new creation was designed specifically to be fished out on deep structure amongst rock and through brush. The Pro-Mega Jig also excels when "Stroking" a jig out on Bass infested ledges as well. The Missouri Pro teamed up with OMEGA to design the perfect structure fishing jig to probe deep water haunts without getting hung up. The Pro-Mega's head design,60 degree cross line tie, razor sharp Gamakatsu hook, optimum angle fiber guard, and it's ability to catch fish make the Pro-Mega Jig the "Perfect all Purpose Jig!" Roger Fitzpatrick