X Series Swim Bait Head


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Continuing with the tradition of producing high quality tackle that meet the needs of anglers at all levels, Omega Custom Tackle is introducing the all new X Swim Bait Head. The beauty of the design lies behind the head. The dual skirt retention bands allow you to run your favorite skirt and/or and a magnum trailer. The shank is tipped with a double bait keeper to ensure your trailers stays put. When fished with a trailer only, the nose of the Exo Swim or other swim baits fits tightly inside the back of the head. This protects the bait and allows the anglers to feel rock and other structure during the retrieve. When employed with a skirt the concave back allows the skirt to flow from inside the head giving it a natural flare. The slight flare on the top and bottom of the head allows the bait to roll over rock and wood while staying upright. This mean less hang ups and more fishing. Standard Colors are available in 3pk and Trey Harpel Custom Colors are available in a 2pk